Sam Taylor.

What do you do for a living?
Freelance illustration.

Talk us through a day in the life of you…
Wake up, make coffee, drink coffee, shower, then check my emails. Then either go skating, usually at Stockwell, or sit in my room and draw all day – whilst listening to the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. In the evening I’ll either go to a house party in Camberwell, Peckham or New Cross, or sit at home and watch some awesome HBO series; The Sopranos and Deadwood are on at the moment.


Makes you cross?
Not that much; When Paddy O’Connel sits in for Jeremy Vine, getting ink everywhere when filling my pens up, dirty griptape and when my housemates accidentally turn the hot water off when I’m in the shower.

Makes you happy?
Skateboarding, new pens, The Sopranos, coffee, beer, my mates, Arrested Development, people buying things on my big cartel store, money, kickflips.


Your most missed memory?
Skating shitty spots all summer when I was a kid.

The last thing you bought?
Some bagels on offer from Morrisons.

Where’s your favourite place to be?
Stockwell skatepark. At about 6 o’clock when the suns gone down past the houses, with a few beers and new wheels.

I’m very good at…
Responding to emails.

But I’d like to be very good at…
Frontside inverts on the jersey barrier at Stockwell.


Words you use all the time…

Most visited websites…
Well there’s the obvious ones like PornHub but then there’s also Blogger (I manage too many blogs), Facebook and Twitter. Then there’s the Slap forum and the Sidewalk forum, Grey Mag, Pontus Alvs blog, Thrasher, Science Skateboards.

Most listened to albums…
I don’t really listen to albums because I download everything. At the moment I like the new Tom Vek album ‘Leisure Seizure’, Belle and Sebastian ‘Write About Love’ and Death Cab for Cutie ‘Codes and Keys’.

Top Cities…
London – I moved here about 4 years ago to skate and study, now I’ve finished uni and I’m not leaving.

Leicester – I’m from Leicester so I still like to go back from time to time and impress everyone with stories from the big city like some big-city-fat-cat.

Malmo – I visited Malmo on a skate trip last year with Jonnie Craig, Tom Knox and Jake Harris, it was amazing because Vice paid for everything and we skated all the Pontus Alv spots. I love this place.

If you could be asked any question in an interview, what would it be?
Who is your favourite character in The Sopranos and why?

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