Super Doll presents; Social Monstrosities.

Made from 17″ tall resin, complete with ball joints allowing 19 points of articulation, these dolls probably aren’t for your kids. No, instead there are to be crudely placed saddling miniature chairs, leaning over tables and suggestively posing whilst wearing some doll-sized haute couture number. The ‘Sybarites’ as they are named, are inspired by a modern day controversy, human cloning. A single clone was used in this collection, Clone 0777 to be precise. Since their inception in 2005, they have become an under ground collecting phenomena.

Tonight Sofidonts were graciously invited along to their couture exhibition in Blackall Studios, and we were dazzled by each doll’s enigmatic beauty. Enjoy the snaps guys, was an enchanting sight.

All photos by Eliza Rose Moore.

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