A Home Away From Home, with Cam Hardy.

I jumped the gun a little when it came to taking a holiday exactly 4 weeks before my last ever hand in, for my final third year uni course. Most people hand in, breathe, have a moment, find out their marks and then go on holiday. No not I. I decided to escape a little early and do my work out there, after all for my project I was making a magazine; it was photography based and travel inspired so would actually thrive off being abroad. Cameras and socks packed, Cam being around somewhere, I kissed wet and grey Epsom good bye in the early hours of a thursday morning.


So about a month ago I got back off a trip to Lagos in Portugal. It seems to be small town made up of backpackers and travelers from all around the globe. With quirky bars and restaurants on every corner, secluded secretive beaches, a friendly skating scene and a hella lot of cliff climbing and kayaking to be done, I can see why people who go there, never wind up leaving.


I fell in love with it, and have promised myself that I will return and stay for a lot longer this time around; The whole place felt so happy to have you there and I was wasn’t expecting how easy it was to slink into it’s lifestyle and become, well a kind of ‘local’. In tow with me was Cam Hardy, or more that I was in tow with him, being that he had stayed Lagos a number of times before. I picked up on the feel that to him Lagos was somewhere he felt some kinda ‘home vibe’ quality and was happy to bring me along and show me around the place. On our arrival at the hostel, the staff were more like friends and were overjoyed to see Cam walk through their door, he stayed there a few times before and made good friendships with the guys that run the place. Although his BMX was along for the ride, it got left back at the hostel a couple times in exchange for a surf board and camping gear from the hostel’s cupboard of odds and ends, so that we could hit up the quiet beach spots we had found and camp out for a few nights.


With a bottle of rum, cheap assss cigarettes, and a roaring fire, my days and nights in Lagos are not to be forgotten and anyway; home is wherever when I am with Mr Hardy. Here are a few snaps of Cam and our time out there.


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