Turquoise Bracelet | Shimla.

Beanie Hat | Adidas. T-Shirt | Lazy Oaf.

Tie Dye T-Shirt | Fallen. Dip Dye T-Shirt | Demin Demon.

Checkered Shirt | Lazy Oaf. Sunglasses | Rayban.


A day on Hayling Island, September 2012.


Photography + Styling | Eliza Moore


Thank you to Coffin On Cake PR + Lazy Oaf


With Cam + Ty Hardy



Coffin On Cake PR do press days like no one else I know. They house some of the most unique, desirable and distinctive brands going, and always find creative ways to present the collections when it comes to showing people like us what their brands have got coming up for the next season. It’ll just make you want to own every single item, I sure did. Coffin On Cake have recently relocated into their new showroom, on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch so was the perfect opportunity to show off their new pad. Their press day ticked all the right boxes for me, and was finished off perfectly with the awesome goody bags. Take a look through what they have got going on, props guys!



Let’s Dust.

Photography and Fashion Direction – Eliza Moore.

Assistance – Josie Stock.

Model – Emily Hill @ Profile.

With big thanks to Coffin On Cake Pr.


Vest – Vintage @ Rokit.

Beanie Hat – Fallen. T-shirt – Alpinestars @ Surfdome.

Sunglasses – Rayban Clubmasters.  Shirt – Vintage @ Rokit. Trainers - Converse with Mr Lacy.


Shirt by Matix @ Sufdome. Bikini - Pistol Panties @ Surfdome.

Beanie Hat - Fallen. T-shirt - Alpinestars @ Surfdome. Shorts- Vintage @ Levis.

Snapback Cap – Santa Cruz @ Surfdome. Vest – American Apparel. Trainers – Fallen.

Cap – Afends @ Surfdome. T-shirt – Pull-In.

Trainers - Converse with Mr Lacy. Skateboard – Element.

Beanie Hat - Fallen. T-shirt - Alpinestars @ Surfdome. Shorts- Vintage @ Levis. Skateboard – Element.

Snapback Cap - Santa Cruz Surfdome. Vest - American Apparel. Trainers - Converse.

Bandana – Eastie Empire. T-shirt – American Apparel. Backpack – Converse Girl.

Sunglasses - Rayban Clubmasters.  Shirt – Vintage @ Rokit. Cropped Vest - Topshop.

Cap - Afends @ Surfdome. T-shirt - Pull-In.

Shirt - Matix @ Surfdome. Bikini - Pistol Panties @ Surfdome.

Snapback Cap - Santa Cruz Surfdome. Vest - American Apparel.