Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters comes to an end.

It has been a blazing few days in Newquay, with the festival now drawing to a close. Sunday The Vans Summer Sessions was a busy place to be with Pro Skate and Pro BMX finals taking place on the mini as well as the final installment of Pro Skate Best Trick on the street course.

Harry Lintell clearly enjoyed himself on the street course as he took home took spot in every single Best Trick session, bagging himself  £1250 in the process.

In the Pro BMX category the mini ramp was torn to shreds by Alex Colborn, Mark Webb and Tobias Wicke all competing for the generous prize pot. When the dust settled it was Alex Colborn who had earned top spot with Declan Brooks taking second and Mark Webb taking third.


Vans Summer Sessions Mini Ramp.

Dean Green Smith – Best line/combo.                         
Frank Faria – Best Technical Rider.
Cody Lockwood – Highest air.
Manhead – Gnarliest Trick.
Danny Carlson – Best Overall.
Sam Pulley – Most Original.
Grag Nowik – Best Switch trick.
Mason Merlino – Longest Lipslide.
Kevin Kowalski – Best Style.
Andy Scott – Best attitude.

Street Course:

Best Trick Friday – Zone 1.
Harry Lintell.
Harry Bray.
Danny Carlsson.
Dylan Hughes.
Caradog Emmanuel.

Best Trick Saturday.
Harry Lintell.
Manni Lopez.
Dave Snaddon.
John Bell.
Ben Grove.

Best Trick Sunday.

Harry Lintell.
Corey Lockwood.
Will Golding.
Daryll Dominguez.

Judges Choice Skaters.

Charlie Birch.
Dennis Lynn.
Harry Bray.
Rob Smith.

Best Tricks over the Weekend.

Charlie Birch – FS Bigspin To Flat.
Manhead – Kickflip into wave.
Kyron Davis – 360 shuvit into wave.
Manni Lopez – fakie Flip Switch 5-0, 180 out.
Adam Keys – Hardflip Revert stairs.

Vans Summer Sessions BMX.

Alex Colborn.
Declan Brooks.
Mark Webb.
Dean Cueson.
Tobias Wicke.
Jack Clark.
Tom Justice.
Ollie Palmer.
Martyn Cooper.
Isaac Lesser.

Best Air Trick Winners.

Tom Istead – Big 900 Air.
Dean Cueson – Barspin to Barspin back Ramp Transfer.
Ash Douglas – Double BarSpin 540.

Best Tech Trick Winners.

Alex Colborn – Barspin 360 to footjam nose pick transfer 5ft to 8ft.
Ant Pearson – Tailwhip to Back Rail Fufanu.
Tobias Wicke – Downside 50-50 transfer 5ft to 8ft.